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About Illustrator Sam Miller

As promised I thought I would tell you a bit about myself, so I am not a totally anonymous blogger. I am an artist and illustrator living in Edinburgh with my daughter, usually known as the Monkey! Edinburgh is a beautiful, friendly city to live in and I love it as much as my hometown […]

Newbies Guide to using #Hashtags on Facebook and Twitter

Hi Everyone, I’m back again, this is going to be my last (slightly) technical post for a while as I’d like to tell you more about my illustrations and a bit about myself next time, so I am not a totally anonymous ranter! I have been thinking a lot about #hashtags and trying to find […]

How long should a Blog Post be?

Hello, I’m back with more thoughts about the old blogging business. I am finding that the more I do, the more I want to find out about the best most effective way to blog, if there is such a thing. I was discussing with a friend at Portfolio-Oomph, how long we should make our blog […]

3 Rules for Newbie Bloggers

As promised I am writing about my first experiences of blogging, and the advice I have found really useful so far. I have been trying to blog off and on for the last couple of years, but I didn’t really have anything I specifically wanted to say or share, and felt I was only doing […]

Positive Reactions!


I am soooo pleased that I have started my 365 Days Project, it has really motivated me as I know that whatever else I am doing each day, I HAVE to fit in a drawing. I have been super-efficient getting all the rest of my orders and commissions done as quick as I can, so […]

Drawing People – is it ok?

Hi again, I’ve come into a bit of a dilemma a few times since starting this project and wondered what your opinions are. My 365 Days Project is a challenge I’ve set myself, to draw a new person every single day for a year, so far I am into my third week and loving it! […]

Celebrity Endorsements and Nerves!


Hi Everyone, I’m very pleased to tell you I’ve had my first celebrity endorsements this week for my 365 Days project! Poppy Lee Friar who plays Eve, AND the writer and creator of the series Emma Reeves both said they loved my picture, which has made my day and week, and also gained me a […]

365 Days Illustration Project – WEEK 1


Wow, that was a quick week! I’ve really enjoyed my first week of my 365 Days project, I feel like it has given me a complete focus and discipline, so that no matter what else I have to do I have still created something/someone each day. I am also getting a bit obsessed, looking at […]

365 Day Illustration Project

365 Days Illustration Project – Interesting People WANTED!! I’ve started a project to do an image of a person every day for a year. I am very excited and already have a list of people I want to draw, but I also wondered if any of you guys would like to be involved? All I […]

Sam Miller portrait being created!

I just thought I’d let you see how one of my portraits comes together, from the photographs to the sketches, and then the whole thing eing made. Let me know what you think…