I’ve been working on a lot of portraits in the last few weeks, these are one of my favourite things to do as they are always different. I always feel quite honoured to be creating images of the most important people in someone’s life, and try to make them look as special as possible, and capture as much personality as I can for each character.


I always expect a few changes when I send them to people to check, as I like to make sure I am getting them right for them, as I am usually just working from a photograph and don’t know the person myself but want to make sure I capture their personality.

Sometimes I just get asked for the odd tweak, and sometimes I have a few big changes to make. The strangest one so far was putting lines under a babies eyes as he looked  cute and fresh-faced, but in real life often looks tired! It did make me smile but I am so pleased that people are keen to make my images as true to life as possible!

I’ve just finished another portrait, bit of a crazy rush as I got the order yesterday and they need it for a 20th anniversary tomorrow! I’m really pleased with it and have emailed the image but am not biting my nails waiting for a response, I always find the wait really nerve-wracking. Fortunately so far I have only ever got positive responses so fingers crossed for another one…

If you are interested in your own portrait do get in touch by emailing sam@sammiller.co.uk or ordering from this site, thanks XX


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