Happy New Year Everyone1 I’m really sorry it’s now February and I have just managed to say that to you, I hope you are having a good year so far.

I’m really enjoying 2014, and have realised it is the year I turned into my Mum!  have been completely reorganising and decluttering my house and sorting out my work so I feel totally refreshed, organised and ready for a good year.

As well as my usuual products I’m also working on some great new projects at the moment, I’m designing some packaging for a great company doing some exciting natural products for people. I’ll give you more details asap but I’ve put one of my sketches here as a sneak preview. It’s been a great new challenge working on plants instead of people, I’m really enjoying it.


I’m also working on a book cover for Story warriors by Will Startle, it’s an amazingly imaginative adventure story for kids. I love it and it would have been a definite favourite when I was about 11, so if you have kids, or fancy a read yourself just take a look. (Exciting new cover by Sam Miller coming soon!)

Anyway hope 2014 is treating you well so far and I will bring you more news very soon. For regular updates do also look at my facebook page and twitter @sammillerart, Thanks X


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