Hi Everyone,

This year is racing (or marching) along as fast as the last ones! There’s lots of exciting things going on here, I had a meeting yesterday to reveal all the images I’d done for Mandy Bailey Gardens and was thrilled that they loved everything! It’s still all a bit hush hush until the products are launched in April so I’m sorry I  can’t tell you much, or show you much yet but all will be revealed very soon and I hope it will be worth the wait for you.


I did have a bit of rubbish news today, the art therpy group I lead has finally run out of funding so will stop at the end of the month. It’s a weekly group at a local psychiatric hospital and I’ve been there every Thursday for almost 15 years (I was almost a baby when I started!). I was initially employed for only 12 weeks I can’t really complain as they’ve kept me sooo long! It will be strange not going there though and I will miss it and the people and I think they will miss it too, but I do believe things happen for a reason  so again watch this space to see what happens next…


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