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Sam Miller creates a range of unique portraits for personal and commercial use.

This illustration was for the photographers at Capture-Me, to be used as original Biog images on their website to show people what the photographers look like. They wanted a friendly image to promote their Free baby Passport photo service so that parents and children could see they were friendly and approachable.

Any number of people can be captured in an image for your home or business. These are created from photographs of each person, the characters do not have to be altogether in the photographs and any details and scenarios can be added. The price varies depending on the number of people.

If you order a family phography package with Capture-Me you can get a single portrait by Sam Miller as added value as part of your deal. (Photograph © Copyright Capture-Me)

Please contact for more details

© Copyright  Sam Miller 2013
All the artwork on this website is original and belongs to SamMillerUK. They must not be copied, used or reproduced without the permission of the artist. Thank you.





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