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Posts Tagged ‘blogging advice’

How long should a Blog Post be?

Hello, I’m back with more thoughts about the old blogging business. I am finding that the more I do, the more I want to find out about the best most effective way to blog, if there is such a thing.

I was discussing with a friend at Portfolio-Oomph, how long we should make our blog posts. I have been going for short and sweet as my own attention span has massively decreased since I became a Mum. Any longer and I think my head might explode, or I will go into a panic thinking that I haven’t done the other 500 things I still have to do that day!

Plus, if I can’t focus on something for too long, I can’t expect someone else to sit down and read my rants for ages! I suppose that is how I like people to talk too, my family are not the biggest talkers so I find it quite difficult to listen to anyone who takes ages to tell you something, or get to the point. (Disclaimer here, my daughter is not in the quiet or get to the point category, but she is funny and cute so I don’t mind her going on!!)

Also sometimes I realise I can get to the point a bit too quickly and have said something I probably shouldn’t have! Anyway I realise I am going on a bit myself so will get to the point now.

44 -Frustration_small1

A standard recommendation I have found on a few blogs seems to be that a good post should be about 600 words, enough time to engage your audience but not too long to lose their interest. I find this quite a manageable length as I feel I can say what I want to, and then go back to illustrating and the rest of my life!

However, I have found lots of differing advice to this, and I found some particularly interesting advice from Joe Bunting. He gives a great breakdown of how the different length of posts affect your SEO. He explains that the shorter ones tend to get more comments, but the longer ones can get more shares and ranking on search engines. The highest ranking being the ones with 2,450 words…maybe that is not for me…yet!

Do take a look at what he says about blog post length as I found it gave me a lot to consider.

All this has also made me think about the whole blogging phenomenon. When I decided to start blogging regularly it was because I wanted to share things about my art and my life, but now I am spending more time considering how blogs work and how best to develop mine. Basically blogging about blogging! There does seem to be a huge amount of people out there doing this, at a much more impressive and qualified level than me but they are blogging about blogging!

I am hoping that the things I am learning as a beginner will be useful and interesting for other bloggers who are just starting out, and once I find my own way I do plan for the focus to definitely return to my art. But for now I am kind of enjoying the whole learning experience as it feels like a whole new world is opening up.

Right now though it’s back to the drawing board – literally. I am off to finish a couple of commissions and do my daily drawing for my 365 Days Project. Have a great day.

I would love to know any of your thoughts on anything I have written or anything really!

Look forward to hearing from you, Sam X




3 Rules for Newbie Bloggers

As promised I am writing about my first experiences of blogging, and the advice I have found really useful so far. I have been trying to blog off and on for the last couple of years, but I didn’t really have anything I specifically wanted to say or share, and felt I was only doing it because people said I should, so would end up going to draw a picture instead! But, now I am happy to say I am doing it because I want to, and because I do have things I want to share, which I hope will mean my posts will be much more engaging and interesting. (Do let me know!)

I have been looking at other much more established and successful bloggers and soaking up all the advice they share, which I have found really useful and has given me the confidence to feel like I can start to do this. I have found that when you break down all the advice, there are definite themes coming through, so I have condensed it all into 3 simple blogging rules which are the things I have found the most inspiring and helpful, which make up the rules I will be living by. I realise I could have made 10, 20 …any number of rules and there is so much more involved, but I wanted to make this clear, concise and easy to follow so you can take a deep breath like me and plunge right in…



Always speak with an authentic voice, your own voice. Do not try to replicate someone else, write in a natural way as though you are talking to someone. Basically be yourself, not a fake! Just as in real life, some people will totally click with you and love to know what you think and write, whereas others might not, but hey, (although I would obviously like everyone to love me) that’s life!

There is much more detailed advice on this and how to increase your blog traffic from What Katy Did


Comment on other people’s blogs and sites, and share the blogging love. This completely makes sense to me, I can’t expect people to give my blog their time but not look at anyone else’s. I have read more blogs in the last few months than ever before and have really enjoyed them and already feel they have helped me, and made me want to be a part of this exciting community out there, who knows where it might lead?

There is lovely advice from Mama Mim about how to be a friendly blogger.


Decide what you want to write about, have a purpose. Give advice and tips on subjects you know a lot about.

I realise this one might seem a bit hypocritical of me as I am a relative newbie and I’m kind of giving advice on blogging here, but these tips are one’s I have found helpful so far as a newbie, so I’m hoping they will be useful for other people just starting out on your blogging journey, and I’m by no means saying this as an expert!

Alexia P. Bullard is an expert who has great advice on all these rules, how to personalise your brand and particularly stresses the need to find your own strengths and use them.

My strength has always been my art so a lot of my posts will focus on this, but also the issues involved in running my own business and being a Mum which are all the things I love and are important to me, and so many people out there, so please do come back and share your own thoughts with me on any of these. Thanks so much X