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Posts Tagged ‘personal strengths’

About Illustrator Sam Miller

As promised I thought I would tell you a bit about myself, so I am not a totally anonymous blogger. I am an artist and illustrator living in Edinburgh with my daughter, usually known as the Monkey!

Monkey Dancing by Sam Miller

The Monkey Dancing by Sam Miller UK

Edinburgh is a beautiful, friendly city to live in and I love it as much as my hometown of Sheffield, so it must be good! When I speak to people they tend to be surprised that I have been here for the last 20 years as I do have a bit of a hint of a Sheffield accent! #understatement

I have always wanted to be an artist, from the moment I was old enough to know you could be anything , that is all I have ever wanted to do, and still is. I trained and worked as a Theatre Designer for a few years, then travelled for a couple more, before moving to Scotland.

I then trained as an Art Therapist and worked in galleries, schools and daycentres with a range of people with physical and mental problems. This was fantastic, rewarding work and I still think about the people I worked with. I am very proud of what they achieved through art, and know how important this was for them. Unfortunately I was an NHS Cutback, so this all finished but this did push me to start doing illustration fulltime.

Apart from my daughter, my friends and family, my art is the most important thing in my life. This has been quite a hard year for personal reasons but this keeps me going and makes me very happy and positive about life.

I love what I do, each commission is special and I put as much care in it as I possibly can, I want every piece I do to be perfect. I capture the character and life of a person in every portrait, or develop images for a brand that will highlight it in the best possible way.

Illustrations for Plant 'n' Grow by Sam Miller UK.

Illustrations for the instructions for Plant ‘n’ Grow Boxes by Sam Miller UK.

Floralicious Box with Illustrations by Sam Miller UK.

Plant ‘n’ Grow Floralicious Box with illustrations by Sam Miller UK.

I am a very positive person generally but as I have said before, I am also a scaredy cat, so each time I give someone a piece of work I am nervous, but so far I have ony had fantastic responses, so I do realise this is silly, but as one of life’s worriers I am not sure that will ever change!

I am also doing a 365 days Drawing Challenge, illustrating a different person each day for a year. This can be anyone at all, me and the monkey are constantlyon the look-out for interesting people. If we don’t manage to get a photo, we both memorise as many details as possible so I can still draw them. I have 300 still to go, so do get in touch if you would like to be a part of this.

Edinburgh Fashion Week Children's Show

Edinburgh Fashion Week

Judy Murray Bra Edinburgh Charity Fashion Show

Charity Event Ed Fashion Week















My aim is to spread my art further, to push myself into new situations, to become more well known and start drawing everywhere. I will be doing my first Live Illustration Event this Friday for the ‘This is Edinburgh’ Party.

My ultimate aim is to be invited to events such as the front row of fashion shows to draw the models as they pass by. I did this at Edinburgh Fashion Week this year, and I would be happy to travel to London, Milan, Paris or New York to carry on!!

So if you have an event that needs an illustrator to come and make it even more special, or would like a commission for anything do get in touch, just email

I woud also love to hear any comments, or anything about yourself so please do join in, thanks, Sam XX



3 Rules for Newbie Bloggers

As promised I am writing about my first experiences of blogging, and the advice I have found really useful so far. I have been trying to blog off and on for the last couple of years, but I didn’t really have anything I specifically wanted to say or share, and felt I was only doing it because people said I should, so would end up going to draw a picture instead! But, now I am happy to say I am doing it because I want to, and because I do have things I want to share, which I hope will mean my posts will be much more engaging and interesting. (Do let me know!)

I have been looking at other much more established and successful bloggers and soaking up all the advice they share, which I have found really useful and has given me the confidence to feel like I can start to do this. I have found that when you break down all the advice, there are definite themes coming through, so I have condensed it all into 3 simple blogging rules which are the things I have found the most inspiring and helpful, which make up the rules I will be living by. I realise I could have made 10, 20 …any number of rules and there is so much more involved, but I wanted to make this clear, concise and easy to follow so you can take a deep breath like me and plunge right in…



Always speak with an authentic voice, your own voice. Do not try to replicate someone else, write in a natural way as though you are talking to someone. Basically be yourself, not a fake! Just as in real life, some people will totally click with you and love to know what you think and write, whereas others might not, but hey, (although I would obviously like everyone to love me) that’s life!

There is much more detailed advice on this and how to increase your blog traffic from What Katy Did


Comment on other people’s blogs and sites, and share the blogging love. This completely makes sense to me, I can’t expect people to give my blog their time but not look at anyone else’s. I have read more blogs in the last few months than ever before and have really enjoyed them and already feel they have helped me, and made me want to be a part of this exciting community out there, who knows where it might lead?

There is lovely advice from Mama Mim about how to be a friendly blogger.


Decide what you want to write about, have a purpose. Give advice and tips on subjects you know a lot about.

I realise this one might seem a bit hypocritical of me as I am a relative newbie and I’m kind of giving advice on blogging here, but these tips are one’s I have found helpful so far as a newbie, so I’m hoping they will be useful for other people just starting out on your blogging journey, and I’m by no means saying this as an expert!

Alexia P. Bullard is an expert who has great advice on all these rules, how to personalise your brand and particularly stresses the need to find your own strengths and use them.

My strength has always been my art so a lot of my posts will focus on this, but also the issues involved in running my own business and being a Mum which are all the things I love and are important to me, and so many people out there, so please do come back and share your own thoughts with me on any of these. Thanks so much X