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Celebrity Endorsements and Nerves!

Hi Everyone, I’m very pleased to tell you I’ve had my first celebrity endorsements this week for my 365 Days project! Poppy Lee Friar who plays Eve, AND the writer and creator of the series Emma Reeves both said they loved my picture, which has made my day and week, and also gained me a big hug from my daughter telling me I was great! My favourite reward.

007_Eve_photo 007_Eve_CBBC

It is always lovely to get feedback from people, (celebrities or not), and I am always thrilled to hear from people and companies who are pleased with the items I have made for them. The biggest compliment I find is when people come back again, and sometimes again and again…. I do put a lot of effort into making sure every product I send out or illustration I do for someone is exactly what they want, as I would hate to give someone a portrait that was just ‘ok’, or ‘almost right’, instead of perfect.

It is always a bit nervewracking sending a commission to someone to see what they think, and despite having a totally positive success rate, and numerous repeat orders from shops, individulas and companies, I am a complete scaredy cat! I still find it terrifying visiting a new possible stockist, just in case they say ‘no’. It’s silly really as the worst that can happen is I blush a bit and scurry out of the shop, never to darken it’s door again, but I wouldn’t actually be any worse off than before I went in.

WeeMan_products products1

For that reason I am determined this year to face my fears and walk right through the door, armed with my Wee Man bestsellers for back-up! Alternatively any stockists out there who would like some lovely original products that I promise sell really well, please just get in touch!

Let me know if there is anything you avoid doing, or that makes you nervous. Also please let me know any tips you have for conquering the butterflies!

Look forward to hearing from you X