Wow, that was a quick week! I’ve really enjoyed my first week of my 365 Days project, I feel like it has given me a complete focus and discipline, so that no matter what else I have to do I have still created something/someone each day.

I am also getting a bit obsessed, looking at everyone I see in real life, on TV and the virtual world, imagining them all as a potential new subject. So if you see someone staring at you in a peculiar way it could be me imagining you as my next drawing challenge!001_Coco_Ella Coco_photo1


005Jaime_snow 005Jaime_snow_photo

If you would like to be involved plese send me an email to

I can’t guarantee I will use every image I am sent, but hopefully you will be one of the chosen ones!
Look forward to seeing some of your gorgeous selves! Thanks, Sam X